This Week in Review

The first full week of Autumn has been very eye opening for me. I realized that although it is my favorite season, it tends to be the season when life is busiest for me. Despite my best efforts I have just been overwhelmed and out of sync this week. Life has been hectic is every way, shape and form.

But after taking stock of week one, I realized that I need to reset myself. And I also realized it is completely okay to stop the train that is life to make sure it is securely on track. In order to fully embrace the season I love so much, I will take the rest of the week to stop and remember the things that are most important to me. My plan to reset involves:

  • Creating/updating to do lists
  • Pausing to deep clean up all of my spaces
  • Creating time each day to read and listen to some favorite podcasts
  • Focus on increasing my vegetable and water intake each day.
  • Remember to do one thing each day that reminds me of the season I love so much.

I actually look forward to resetting myself this week. I refuse to waste another moment of Autumn.

~ C ~

Wellness Check-In

As exactly as I anticipated, September has been fast and furious. It has been full and challenging every step of the way.

If I’m being honest with myself, the whole month has been a bit overwhelming. And at first I was feeling a bit of defeat in my wellness journey throughout much of September.

But then I realized, I am actually doing much better, even during my stressed and frustrated moments, than I ever was before. Things and techniques that I have incorporated into my life have truly helped me stay afloat during extremely choppy waters.

The major lesson I will take away from September thus far is to just be honest with my emotional and energy levels. There is no badge in pushing through to prove a point while depleting all reserves at the same time. I am not superwoman and cannot do it all. It does me no good when in serving others I create severe need in my own life. No is such a powerful word that I must not be afraid to use. It will serve my wellness journey well.

~ C ~

Welcome September

The opportunity of a fresh start is the essence of September. It’s as if the huge double gates of the world are suddenly opened to you and all is possible. Under the twinkling gold, amber and deep green hues that illuminate the September days and nights, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Welcome September.

~ C ~


A New Opportunity

I have always seen the first day of the month as an exciting opportunity. A time to start a new routine. A time to try a new “thing”. A chance for a redo when necessary. A time filled with hope and possibility.

Now of course the world works best when there is balance. So the first of the month also comes with bills due and responsibilities to take care of. Obviously bills don’t usually elicit excitement, but they are a part of life. And quite honestly lately I have even shifted the emotion I give to those items. I thank God and the universe for the item that brought me the bill, happily pay it and move on from it.

As the first of September is a mere few hours away, I am filled with pure hope. Hope of not only the new month upon me, but hope of the new season that will be ushered in this month. It feels as if things are coming into alignment in my life. I’m not saying I expect a smooth ride and no obstacles this month. But rather I am more prepared than ever to quickly conquer with determination and focus whatever obstacle may come my way.

I look forward to the challenges and opportunities this new month will bring. I am designing a few new activities into my life this month to foster growth and wellness. I walk into September with goals to achieve and faith to see me through.

~ C ~