Welcome Spring

It almost got lost in it all.

Welcome Spring.

Every season has a purpose in our life. This new season is desperately needed and could not have come at a more perfect time.

Today I welcome spring and the renewing spirit it brings.

~ C ~

Focus on Gratitude

One of the daily rituals I am focusing on this season is taking time each day to reflect on all that I am grateful for. This habit is something I started doing on and off this past summer. A couple days a week, right before I went to bed I wrote down everything I was thankful for. After a while I noticed that I was more fulfilled at the end of each day when I took the time to sit in silence and reflect on all the blessings that occurred, both little and big each day.

Now I recognize this is something we all typically do around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. But during the other 363 days a year, I have noticed that on a regular basis I have easily allowed the responsibilities and daily happenings to take over the focus of my day. And I often found that I didn’t quite reset to a fresh new day because I was carrying the weight of the yesterdays.

When I focus on gratitude it is a reminder to be in the present. That I have all that I need and I am blessed no matter what has happened to me in the day. When I focus on gratitude, I feel it is opening me up to possibility. As Autumn gets underway, I am reminded of how grateful I am for all that I had and all that has made me who I am today.

~ C ~

A New Autumn

” Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” – unknown

This quote perfectly sums up my life in this moment. Although it started off strong, as summer wrapped up I felt like my life was in complete chaos. Despite my best efforts to remain grounded in recent weeks, I could barely keep my head above water in what seemed like every aspect of my life. Things were hectic, difficult, emotionally exhausting, physically exhausting and uncertain.

But then on the very last day of summer, everything unfolded right before my eyes. The chaos was actually a clearing out. In the mess of it all, I saw the definitive ending to so many storylines in my life. Some of these storylines were a mere weeks in the making, yet some took many years to develop. Everything, and I literally mean everything, was coming full circle at the same time. It was so overwhelming to realize that it left me speechless. I believe in a higher power and in that moment I was 100 percent certain this was all part of a much grander plan.

But why the clearing? Why this day? And what is coming up next?

I have always believed with every fiber of my being in the power of Autumn. So much so that when I dreamed up this space it was the spirit of Autumn that guided my way. I have always wholeheartedly felt that Autumn was an end and a beginning all in one. Like the quote, I now more than ever believe in the beauty of letting go. This was the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the past few life seasons. It may not always be easy but it is so cathartic. And when we let go of old things, we unconsciously make space for new ones.

So I realized it just makes sense that today, the first day of Autumn and the season that means so much to me, my life feels clear and wide open. This has been the most tumultuous period of my life, yet I have in the same period grown in every way humanly possible. The clearing created from letting go of the chaos and the culmination of stories, has created an opening for endless possibilities and beginnings. This Autumn, more than any Autumn before, brings a sense of peace with it.

This first day of Autumn was chosen to be a pivotal point in my life. That I know for sure. I don’t know what is next for me, but I am hopeful. As I stare at the blank page in front of me, I know this is the beginning of a brand new book for me. I have closed the cover on the previous book and am ready for whatever lies ahead.

Today I welcome Autumn.

~ C ~


A new season approaches. The shifts in my universe are silent but felt with great intensity right now.

Doors are closing and opening all around me. I’m letting go of the old handles and walking with faith through the new doors.

~ C ~

A New Opportunity

I have always seen the first day of the month as an exciting opportunity. A time to start a new routine. A time to try a new “thing”. A chance for a redo when necessary. A time filled with hope and possibility.

Now of course the world works best when there is balance. So the first of the month also comes with bills due and responsibilities to take care of. Obviously bills don’t usually elicit excitement, but they are a part of life. And quite honestly lately I have even shifted the emotion I give to those items. I thank God and the universe for the item that brought me the bill, happily pay it and move on from it.

As the first of September is a mere few hours away, I am filled with pure hope. Hope of not only the new month upon me, but hope of the new season that will be ushered in this month. It feels as if things are coming into alignment in my life. I’m not saying I expect a smooth ride and no obstacles this month. But rather I am more prepared than ever to quickly conquer with determination and focus whatever obstacle may come my way.

I look forward to the challenges and opportunities this new month will bring. I am designing a few new activities into my life this month to foster growth and wellness. I walk into September with goals to achieve and faith to see me through.

~ C ~