Spring Cleaning My Vision Board

I welcome this new spring season with wide open arms.

I thought I had been struggling with how to go back (tell my story), while simultaneously moving forward in my life and healing journey. But the two are so interconnected I realized it’s not only okay but actually necessary to do both at the same time.

One of the things I have felt an internal calling to do for a few weeks now is to clean up my vision board. I created the first edition of this board around April 2021. To be clear I deeply love my vision board and I feel that it generally still captures what I want the vision for my life to be. It excites me every time I see it so I know it’s not completely outdated. However I admit that it can certainly use some small tweaks. So what a better time to do it that the first few weeks of this new season. Here are the three steps I am currently taking in this vision board spring cleaning process.

1. To start I am taking stock of every item on my board. I am slowly looking at each picture, quote and word on my vision board and asking myself:

  • “What actually is this a picture of?”
  • “What does this mean to me?”
  • “What feelings does this evoke for me?”
  • “Does this still align with where I want to go in life?”
  • “Does this still excite me and bring me joy?”

2. Next I am reflecting on how I have (or have not) incorporated each picture, quote or word into my life since the board creation. I have been refining the same vision board for 2 years now. In many ways I have made real motion toward several visions on my board. However if I am being honest with myself there are several items on my vision board that I am no closer to since the day the board was made. In these instances I am reflecting on what is causing the lack of motion. I am asking myself:

  • “How have I begun to incorporate this vision (picture, word or quote) into my life?”
  • “How often am I taking steps toward this particular vision? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Never?
  • “In instances where there has been a lack of action towards the vision, what specifically is holding me from motion?
  • “What reasons are excuses and what reasons are true hurdles that I have to navigate?”
  • “Is this something I really want in my life? If so, what am I willing to give up to get it?”

3. I am determining what clear steps I will take to make motion towards my visions over the course of this spring season. For each item on my board, I am asking myself:

  • “What are some ways I can put this vision into action in my life now? How often can I take these actions – daily, weekly, monthly?”
  • “With the energy, time and money I have today, name specific steps I can take to move myself one step closer to this vision.”
  • “How will I hold myself accountable to staying on track with the steps to achieve my vision?“

I am finding that the critical part of this vision board spring cleaning is writing down the answers to the questions above. In an equally important step, keeping these questions and answers in regular view is critical to staying on task. As a data collection lover, my love of creating excel spreadsheets has come in handy here. My plan is to keep these near my planner so I see and review them daily.

In this spring cleaning, inevitably some items will be removed, replaced and covered over on my vision board. And that is honestly really exciting for me. It started as a vision I had over 2 years ago, which thankfully is not the exact same vision as I want for myself today and tomorrow.

My ultimate goal for this vision board spring cleaning is to ensure my weekly, daily, hourly and minutely actions remain in full alignment with the larger vision I have for my life. Every action should fit a purpose. When my actions on a regular basis are in alignment with my life vision, I deeply believe it will also help me continue to strengthen my foundation. And this collectively will help me fully step into this new season in my life.

~ C.A.~

I unknowingly wrote this post on the six year anniversary of me creating this sharing space on WordPress and it feels like the perfect fit for the occasion.

Every Win Matters

I was reminded today that every win, both enormous and tiny, matter.

Wins build on wins.

They create a pattern.

Which becomes a mentality.

A mentality becomes a lifestyle.

A life styled on win after win, creates a life designed to matter.

But the true key here isn’t in the details of the wins, but the pathways they ignite.

A pathway ignited is possibility.

And all of life’s greatest achievements started with possibility.

So I will celebrate all the wins in every size that they come.


Welcome Spring

It almost got lost in it all.

Welcome Spring.

Every season has a purpose in our life. This new season is desperately needed and could not have come at a more perfect time.

Today I welcome spring and the renewing spirit it brings.

~ C ~

This Year…

When you speak an intention into the world, it is incredible the ways in which the world speaks back to you.

The theme of finding identity and being in search of self has come up in various ways for me each of day of this new year.

This is my new year’s resolution.

~ C ~

Welcome 2020

Welcome 2020.

I honestly don’t know how to feel about today.

I do feel beyond relieved that 2019 is over. Quite honestly 2018 and 2019 have been some of the most brutal I’ve had in my life. Every day seemed like a battle and I was exhausted. I have always been an optimist by nature but these past few years have brought me to my knees and made me question everything.

I could recently tell I was just tired of it all and it all caught up with me. I could tell because writing has always been a release for me, but these past few weeks I didn’t have the energy or motivation to even think about it. The emotions of the first holiday season without my dad or our should be 6 month old son crept up on me. The first holiday season without both of my birth parents on this earth was more than I could process. All of the life (and there was plenty of it) that happened to me over that last two years seemed to be weighing me down during this already tough time.

I was tired. I am tired.

But a new year was just around the corner. My entire life I have loved the idea of a new year and all the possibility it brought. It always has such promise and hope, and now more than ever I needed both. And a new decade, even better. So as the new year approached, I found myself anxiously yet cautiously awaiting the strike of midnight. I didn’t know what would come but I desperately needed a new year.

As the minutes of the year came to a close, I found myself with mixed emotions. I was sad because I knew when I left 2019, I would be leaving the last moments with some of the most precious people to me. I was heartbroken thinking of all the hard times. Yet I found myself filling with pride that I had made it through it all. And I felt warmth thinking about all of the loved ones who helped me through it all.

I don’t know what this new year will bring. But I do know I am ready for a new year and I welcome a new decade.

So today I welcome 2020.

~ C ~