Anything is Possible

My post from yesterday got me thinking…

Disney wasn’t created in a day.

Facebook wasn’t created overnight.

Oprah didn’t become a media mogul on day one.

Most would measure these people and companies as wildly successful and cultural icons. These one word wonders are so recognizable, you can say their name anywhere in the world and people would know exactly what and who you are speaking about. It dawned on me that these companies and brands all probably started in the same manner.

Step by step. Actionable item after actionable item. Decision after decision.

They didn’t start as icons. They started with a dream, began forward motion, quickly assessed their status, adjusted course as necessary and continued moving ahead. When things got hard they didn’t quit but rather they adjusted their sails. I suppose it’s the same process for any goal in life really.

But this is where my wheels really started turning. Then why is it so few people achieve that level of success in life? Although I understand that there are many people whose goal is to have a simple happy life. And I think that is honorable and a wonderful goal to have. But for those who seek more, what stops them?

I honestly don’t have the answer yet, but I am in search of it. Because it seems so clear yet obviously it is so elusive. However if these companies have taught me anything, they have taught me one thing for sure…

Anything is possible.

~ C ~

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