My Dragonflies

Over the past few weeks I have seen an abundance of dragonflies everywhere. And I mean literally everywhere. At first or second sighting, I didn’t think anything of it. Over time though it appeared as if the dragonflies were practically hovering in my face to ensure I noticed them. Finally after about the tenth sighting in a matter of a few days, I had to pause.

What is going on here?!?

Is it mating season or something?

I know I may sound crazy but is someone or the universe trying to tell me something?

Finally confused and perplexed, I decided to Google the word dragonfly. I was blown away at what I found.

Over time and across many civilizations the dragonfly has been a symbol of change and transformation. Many have believed it to be a sign of deep spiritual, mental and physical growth. It has been well known to symbolize self realization. In many ways it is a sign of rebirth.

Wow. I was speechless.

This truly has been the biggest transformational period of my life. The only thing constant recently has been change for me. I am in every way a different person than I was just eight months ago.

The dragonfly symbolizes my life in this very moment. I don’t know who sent them or why, but I do know that I now welcome the sight of my new little dragonfly friends.

~ C ~

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